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All Member Clubs have basic insurance cover through the AFL insurance scheme, with Marsh insurance.

There are three levels of insurance cover – gold, silver and bronze. Most Member Clubs have bronze cover. Member Clubs should be familiar with the type and level of cover, e.g. Did you know the insurance only covers non-Medicare expenses for accidents?

It is strongly recommended that individual players have their own personal insurance cover for areas not covered through the scheme, such as loss of income.

Details about all aspects of insurance cover, claim forms and contact details can be found on Marsh's website &/or contact Marsh on 1300 130 373.


Marsh is the insurer for all Affiliated Leagues in Australia. The program has been put into place in conjunction with the AFL and SANFL to provide affordable insurance for all Leagues.

All information relating to insurance can be obtained through Marsh Insurance.

Contact Details

For direct links to SA office or General Enquiries – Telephone 1300 130 373


To obtain a Certificate of Currency follow this link


Public Liability covers a range of financial risks such as your club's legal costs or other costs associated with legal action.

If you're sued for breaching your duty of care (negligence) your club can lodge a public liability claim through Marsh Insurance.

If you're looking for information about Public Liability, please visit the Marsh Insurance website through the below tab.



All clubs are expected to have a risk management policy in place. By filling in the (linked) questionnaire, it assists The League and the insurer in determining future needs of clubs.

Certificates of Currency can only be obtained following successful registration and completion of the Risk Management Training Module.

PBF (Paraplegic Benefit Fund)

PBF (Paraplegic Benefit Fund) is an option for Member Clubs that provides $1,000,000 to a member with a spinal cord injury. If this option is taken, players are then covered for a spinal cord injury 24 hours a day. Member Clubs are urged to take out this cover for all teams. For more details phone PBF Prevention directly on 1800 809 780

An alternative membership for your players - PBF Australia is a not-for-profit organisation that aims to prevent spinal cord injuries and help support those who have suffered the devastating injury.

Unfortunately, almost 10 young men suffer this financially, emotionally and physically devastating injury every year playing football in Australia. Physically fit and able one day, paralysed from the neck down the next.

How would you, your family and your team mates cope?

If any member of PBF Australia suffers a permanent spinal cord injury, they are eligible to claim $100,000 to help offset some of the early costs, such as major renovations to the house and car, medical and rehabilitation costs*.

Your players may be eligible to make an insurance claim but this could take months or even years to be processed. PBF Australia aims to make eligible benefit payments within weeks of the injury.

Membership for football teams costs less than $10 per player per year and the player is covered both on and off the field.

The money is used by PBF Australia to fund its injury prevention and gifting programs and support research into a cure for spinal cord injury.

To join, or for more information, visit or call 1800 809 780.

*Please read the PDS for full terms and conditions before deciding whether or not to join PBF Australia.

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