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Clinton Payne - Gepps Cross - 2006 - D10B

Clinton Payne (Gepps Cross Division 10B) needed 12 goals in the last Minor Round of the 2006 season to beat the all-time SAAFL Minor Round record of 155 goals in a season set in 1936. Payne kicked 17 including 9 in the second quarter. 161 goals in 15 matches! Payne was 35 years old at the time. Runner up in the Division 10B goalkicking was also from Gepps Cross. He “only” kicked 75. Surprise, surprise, Gepps Cross in Division 10B didn’t lose a game and finished with a % of 90! The Division 1 record is 124 goals in a season and the individual record in any SAAFL game is 33.

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