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Umpiring Manager – Colin Rowston 0434 547 904 (mobile) or (email)

Umpiring Coordinator – Peter Angel 0427 770 419 (mobile) or (email)

Umpires Trainer – Susan Stevens

Fitness Coach - Matt Harris

Field Umpires Coaches – Peter Angel, Sam Colella, Simon Farrell, Ian Gore, Mark Hill, Brian Humble, Alison McMeekin, Rob Middlin, John Morrison, Matt Schmidt, Tony Symons, Craig Trewartha, Greg von Einem, Richard Williams

Boundary Umpires Coaches – Neil Rankine (head coach), Ray Roberts (main assistant), Zoe Blundell, Anthony Brattoli, Ian Denham, Frank McHugh, Jerry Smith, Rick Starkie

Goal Umpires Coaches – Bruce Amos (head coach), Chris Adey, Gary Coombes, Annette Greenshields, Andrew Gregory, Nic Rogers, Robert Tainsh




How do I express an interest in umpiring with the Adelaide Footy League?

Contact Umpire Manager Colin Rowston on 0434 547 904 (mobile) or (email).


What are the uniform requirements for an umpire?

Field and boundary umpires are expected to purchase an on-field set of shorts, shirt, wristbands and socks with the set of cards. Acme Thunderer whistles are the only acceptable whistles to be used. Field and boundary umpires are also expected to purchase a polo shirt and jacket to wear to and from games. Goal umpires need to purchase a shirt, rain-proof jacket, trousers and cap to wear on-field and a polo shirt to wear to and from games (if cold, goal umpires can wear their rain-proof jacket to and from games). There are flags available to purchase if goal umpires do not have them. To try on sizes and order, an umpire can visit the Sports Centre at 745 Port Rd Hindmarsh. To see what is available, visit this link.

What is the process for making a complaint about an umpire's performance?

Contact Umpiring Manager Colin Rowston via email ( or phone (0434 547 904). Make sure the complaint contains legitimate concerns about an umpire who goes against what is expected of them (expectations can be found in the Umpires Manual or in the Umpiring Interpretations Video which are released at the start of each year). If the complaint is seen to be pointless whinging, it will not be taken seriously.

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