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  • When do player registrations, re-registrations, permits and transfers open and close?
    New Player Registrations and Re-Registrations – Open from the 1st of November on PlayHQ. Clubs will need to set up their individual registration portal annually. Transfers & Permits – Open between the 1st - 30th November (closed between 1st December and 31st January), and between 1st February and 30th June in the year in which the transfer application is sought.
  • How do players register for the season ahead?
    Firstly, go to enter your club name in the "find a club or association" box then click "Get Started". Select the club from the list. Once in select "Register". Once in press the Select button to start process. Keep in mind you can only re-register for the club you were registered with in the previous season otherwise you will need your new club to process a transfer request before registering.
  • Do I have to register our team officials (eg. coaches, trainers, team managers, etc)?
    Yes, you must register all team officials in PlayHQ and add them to your team sheets each week.
  • How old does a player need to be to play in the Adelaide Footy League?
    A player must be a minimum of fifteen (15) years of age to be registered with The Adelaide Footy League.
  • Our player claims they don't have an email address to register with.
    It is strongly advised that the players have their own email addresses. but if for some reason they are unable to obtain their own email address a parent or guardian may register for them by creating an account for themselves (the parents/guardian) then during the registration process select 'I am registering someone else'.
  • How do I change a player’s name, date of birth, email address, address, etc in PlayHQ?
    You can change your own details in your PlayHQ account. Any issues please contact The League via
  • I have recently volunteered as a club secretary/registrar and I don’t know how to use/have questions about how to use the PlayHQ System.
    For any PlayHQ related questions, please contact either the Adelaide Footy League via email or visit our PlayHQ page for further assistance.
  • I am a Team Manager and there are a lot of rules and instructions around what needs to happen before, during and after match day including developing team sheets and uploading match results by the deadline. Is there a place where all of this information is listed so that I know what is required of me/the Club?
    Yes, we have developed a Team Manager's guide. Please find the role description here. More detailed information for Team Manager's adding the team sheet information into Play HQ can be found here.
  • When are the fixtures for a new season released and why does it take so long?
    The date that the fixtures are released are dependent on a number of factors including ground availability, playing numbers and movement up and down the divisions. The League calls for clubs to nominate their teams and grounds during the beginning of the affiliation process in October each year, however clubs have until the end of January to withdraw teams. A fixture could be released as early as November, however there would be many revised fixtures being released after this and leading up to March, as it takes just one change to team nominations from one club to potentially affect the makeup of all divisions and all fixtures would have to be redone.
  • What do we do if we want to start a game earlier or later?
    A club should contact the opposing club to get their cooperation. Upon the opposition team agreeing, advise the Adelaide Footy League by emailing with details and include the opposition club in the email.
  • Does our C grade have to play in triple headers?
    Clubs are not compelled to play in a triple header. The league simply schedules them as triple headers because more people participate in triple headers than not. Based on feedback, clubs prefer triple headers due to a shortage of volunteers as well as keeping members working together as much as possible on match day.
  • What is APPS?
    The APPS stands for the Approved Player Points System. It is designed to limit the number of players going to any one club by placing points value on players, and to encourage clubs to recruit their own past players. More information and the rules can be found here.
  • What is TPPS
    The TPPS stands for the Total Player Payment System. It is designed to limit the amount that players can be paid. More information can be found here.
  • What is the BRS?
    The BRS stands for the Behavioural Rating System. BRS was introduced in 2020. The BRS is intended to rank clubs based on their previous three-year tribunal performance to ensure that clubs are dealt with both fairly and on their recent history. The club’s history is then averaged out over both the three years and the number of teams in your club to get a score relatable to other clubs in the League. At this point in time, the BRS will only relate to the men’s teams at clubs. The League may consider broadening the scope in the future. More information can be found here.
  • What are a club’s responsibilities for match day?
    There are a number of responsibilities that a club has on match days, including supplying footballs, flags, timekeepers and providing a safe environment.
  • How many Match Day Officials do we need for home and away matches and finals?
    Clubs are required to supply a minimum of one (1) Match Day Officials for both home and away matches, and two (2) Match Day Officials for major round (finals) matches. Failure to supply Match Day Officials will result in a fine being issued. Further information on Match Day Officials and their responsibilities can be found in Section 5 of the Rules & Regulations here.
  • Can volunteers have dual roles on match day (e.g. can a Team Manager also be a Timekeeper)?
    Yes, volunteers can have dual roles on match days as long as they can perform the responsibilities of these roles satisfactorily.
  • What is the current rule with drink runners on the ground?
    A maximum of 3 on the field at any one time. May only enter the field During a set kick for goal When the ball is being returned after a goal has been scored At quarter time breaks Play will not restart until the drinks runner have left the field. See Rule 36.27 for further information.
  • What are the weekly League deadlines?
    League deadlines including those for reporting players, submitting team sheets in Play HQ entering scores, goalkickers and best players into Play HQ, forfeiting, umpire appointments. Can be found in the Rules and Regulations. Team Sheets Team Sheets are to be entered by noon on the day preceding the match to be played. (see Rule 36.21) Any alterations to Team Sheets Match Results Procedures: When a match in any Division is played on a Friday or Saturday each Member Club shall enter into the Competition Management Tool before 6.00pm on the Saturday of that round of matches. (Rule 19.1) When a match in any Division is played on a Sunday each Member Club shall enter into the Competition Management Tool before 6.00pm Sunday all information as listed. (Rule 19.2) When a match in any Division is completed after 5:30pm on any day, each Member Club shall enter into the Competition Management Tool within one (1) hour of the completion of that match. (Rule 19.3) Forfeits Member Club forfeiting a match of The League in which it is involved shall notify The League not later than noon on the day preceding such match. (Rule 41.2)
  • What are the quarter and break times for each division?
    You can find a summary of specifications for each division, including the quarter times and break times here.
  • What happens if our match needs to be delayed or can’t be completed?
    The instructions on what to do is available in Section 8-Part 32 Delayed or Incomplete Match, of the Rules and Regulations.
  • What if the weather on the day of a match is very hot or unsafe (e.g. lightning)?
    As per the Rules and Regulations, in the case of hot weather, the following shall apply - when the Adelaide metropolitan forecast temperature of the day of competition is 40°C or over, as specified by radio station 5AA at 8.00am on the morning of the match, all matches of The League scheduled for the day shall be cancelled. When the forecast temperature of the day of competition is 38°C – 39°C, as specified by radio station 5AA at 8:00am on the morning of the match, the Heat Procedure shall apply. More information including the procedure for cancelling matches due to hot weather and the instructions outlined in Section 8 Part 33-Heat Procedure of the Rules and Regulations. In the case of weather deemed by the two Captains and/or the Field Umpires as a threat to the safety of Member Club players, the procedure taken shall be as per Section 8 of the Rules and Regulations.
  • What do we do if an Ambulance is on the oval before or during a match?
    If it is impractical for the match to proceed with an ambulance being prolonged on the playing field before or during a match of The League, the procedure shall be as per Section 8, Part 34-Unsafe Weather, Ambulance on Oval which can be found here.
  • When is a team required to forfeit?
    As per the Rules and Regulations, if a Member Club cannot field a minimum of 14 players for a team after 15 minutes of the scheduled start time of a match, that team shall be deemed to have forfeited such match.
  • Who is responsible for providing a siren/horn/bell for a match and how does it need to be used?
    As per the Rules and Regulations, the home member Club in every Division shall be responsible for the siren, horn or bell to be used at the following times. · At the start of each quarter. · When the time for duration of play for each quarter has elapsed. · 3 times 3 minutes before the scheduled start of each quarter except for the second quarter. · 2 times 2 minutes before the scheduled start of each quarter. · Once 1 minute before umpire holds the ball in the air to indicate the commencement of each quarter.
  • How does Time On work in a match?
    A timekeeper is to add time on, and to cease doing so, when any of the following occur: · Start time on when indicated by a field umpire (raised hand and whistle blown) that there is a delay in play. Cease this time on when a field umpire indicates (repeats raised hand and whistle blown) or when it is obvious to the timekeeper that play has re-started. · Start time on when a boundary umpire signals that the ball is out of bounds (raised hand and whistle blown). Cease this time on when the boundary umpire throws the ball back into play. · Start time-on after a goal or behind is scored as the goal umpire indicates a goal or behind has been scored. Cease this time on when a field umpire re-starts play by throwing the ball up in the centre of he playing field after a goal has been scored or after the ball is kicked back into play after a behind has been scored. If further clarification is required regarding time on, refer to the Match Rules section of the Rules and Regulations.
  • What are the requirements for hosting night matches at our oval?
    As per the Rules and Regulations, the League may program night matches. A Member Club desiring to host a night match shall have their oval lighting comply with the Australian Standard (AS 2560.2.3) Sports Lighting and ensure their oval's minimum reading is 100 lux. 100 lux is the minimum requirement suitable for competition at local club level as prescribed by the AFL under their Preferred Facility Guidelines for State, Regional and Local facilities. If a section of or a complete light tower ceases to operate before or during a night match of The League which in the opinion of the two Captains adversely affects the playing conditions of such match the procedure taken shall be as per the Delayed or Incomplete Match process as described in Section 8, Part 35-Oval Lighting in the Rules and Regulations.
  • What do our officials have to wear for match day?
    The attire that your club officials must wear on match days are Appendix 11 of the Rules and Regulations here. Please note that fines shall be imposed for failing to comply with any of the match attire rules. Match attire for officials can be purchased from any of the licensed suppliers appointed by The League. A limited number of vests may be available for purchase from The League Office.
  • What if our uniform clashes with another club’s uniform and we don’t have a clash uniform? Can we hire clash guernseys from The League?
    Should any Member Club have a clash of colours, Member Clubs may arrange for loan guernseys from The League at a cost of $30(plus GST) for each set of guernseys. These fees will be invoiced to the Member Club. The care of loan guernseys are the responsibility of the Member Club. In particular: The guernseys are to be returned to the League Office no later than the Tuesday afternoon following the match in which they were loaned. They must be clean and dry when returned to the League Office. Must not be washed in very hot water, warm water is sufficient. They must not be placed in a hot dryer. They are to be returned in the same condition as when loaned, including the repairs of any torn guernseys. The number of guernseys returned to The League must reconcile with the number of guernseys initially collected by the Member Club. The Member Club will be invoiced for the cost of any replacement guernseys. Contact the Adelaide Footy League to enquire about loan guernseys by emailing
  • What is a Category A Complaint?
    55 CATEGORY “A” COMPLAINTS 55.1 A Member Club may lodge a complaint in relation to an incident in a match played in The League whose conduct is considered a (a) Category “A” reportable offence. (b) Prescribed Penalty offence. 55.2 A Complaint lodged under Clause 55 shall (a) be lodged with The League by 4.00pm on the Monday following the match. (b) be made to The League in writing by a Member Club. (c) contain all facts relevant to the matter which is being referred as well as the relief sought by the referring party. (d) be accompanied by a payment of $500 inclusive of GST with $250 being refunded in the event the relief being sought by the referral party is satisfied. 55.3 The Match Review Panel shall deal with such complaint. 55.4 A complaint in respect of a matter relating to a match played in The League lodged after the deadline shall only be considered at the discretion of The League.
  • What is a General Complaint?
    56 GENERAL COMPLAINTS 56.1 A Member Club or person may lodge a complaint to The League in writing within seven (7) days in respect of a matter relating to an aspect of The League or a match played in The League not dealt with under Clause 55. 56.2 The League, the Executive Committee, the Tribunal, or the Investigation Committee shall deal with such complaint. 56.3 A complaint in respect of a matter relating to an aspect of The League or a match played in The League lodged after seven (7) days shall only be considered at the discretion of the Executive Committee.
  • How do I lodge a complaint?
    To lodge a complaint complete the relevant form below.
  • Who is able to host a final and how does a club apply to host?
    The highest ranked team in its Division may apply to host a home final or a final on an available neutral oval of their choice, excluding Grand Finals, subject to qualification. An application to host a final must be made on the Request for a Home Final form (available from the League). The Member Club is required to pay a fee to League. Refer to the Rules & Regulations for this fee. Draft venues for major round matches shall be available on The League's website by 3:00pm on the Monday. Confirmation of major round matches will be available from The League by 1:00pm Tuesday. Member Clubs will be notified by phone or email of any changes after this time.
  • How do competing teams gain entry into a venue for a final if it is played on a neutral ground?
    Member Clubs participating in major round matches played on a neutral ground, not being a home final, will be entitled to have 35 persons per team admitted at no cost. Ahead of the game, competing clubs will be provided with tickets for entry.
  • How many Match Day Officials are required to be provided by each club for a final?
    Each Member Club is required to provide two (2) Match Day Officials per major round match.
  • Can alcohol be brought into a finals match?
    Alcoholic drinks are not permitted to be taken into or out of any major round venues.
  • Who provides match balls for a Grand Final?
    All teams playing in a Grand Final will be provided with one (1) new Sherrin Football from The League. These are available from The League Office on the Thursday prior to the match being played. Each club is entitled to keep their ball.
  • Are clubs required to send their Premiership Photo to the League after a Grand Final?
    Yes, premiership-winning Member Clubs are required to submit a photograph of their winning team to The League by no later than 31 October for inclusion in The League's Annual Report. Photographs must be submitted in digital format (.jpg) via email to Failure to supply a premiership photo as requested will result in a $250 fine.
  • How does a new club affiliate to the Adelaide Footy League?
    Any club seeking admission to the League shall make its application for admission prescribed by The League to be received by The League not later than the thirty first (31st) day of August of the year preceding the year for which admission is sought. More information on how to submit an application for admission is found in the Rules and Regulations and on our website here.
  • What is the affiliation process for an existing club?
    Each current Member Club seeking renewal of its membership with The League for the next playing season shall make its application on such renewal form as prescribed by The League and to be received by The League not later than the thirty first (31st) day of October of the year preceding that to which renewal is sought and shall include a number of items to be submitted with this application. A Member Club making an application for an additional team(s) shall pay a fee to The League by no later than the thirty first (31st) January in the year to which the application is sought. Full details on what is required in affiliation applications can be found in the Rules and Regulations and on our website here.
  • Our club hasn't had a women's team before. Where do we start in setting one up?
    Some helpful information on starting up a women's team can be found here.
  • How do I update committee members details on The Update list or League Correspondence?
    Simply forward the updated information including the committee member’s name, phone number and email address, to the Adelaide Footy League –
  • Who is permitted to speak on behalf of our club to The League?
    Each club is offered the opportunity to declare two (2) club delegates on their Affiliation Form. The League will not accept any request or instruction from anyone else but those two designated club delegates.
  • What type of insurance cover do clubs and their players have under the AFL Insurance Scheme?
    All Member Clubs have basic insurance cover through the AFL insurance scheme, with JLT insurance. More information can be found in the Insurance tab on our website.
  • What is covered?
    It is important that all club members are fully aware of what is covered and what is not. Each insurance policy covers different areas. find the policy you have in the link and check out what is covered.
  • How do I make a claim?
    When making a claim it is important to do so correctly. To begin click the link provided and follow the given instructions for the claim you are wanting to make.
  • Where do I get a Certificate of Currency for Insurance from?
    Contact the League’s Insurer (Marsh) at More information on insurance can be found here.
  • How do Clubs access the AFL Matchday checklist?
    In accordance with Rule 36.24 The Home Member Club is to complete the Australian Football National Risk Protection Scheme Match Day Checklist electronically or as required from time to time by The League’s Insurer. The link for the checklist can be found here.
  • When are Scheduled Fees (call fees) due?
    On 30 April, 30 May, 30 June and 31 July. Scheduled Fees are now invoiced to clubs and direct debited in installments where a direct debit arrangement has been made.
  • How and when are umpire fees paid by Clubs?
    The League will invoice the Club for umpire fees on a Wednesday following the match. The direct debit will come out of the Clubs account on the Friday of that week.
  • What are the Scheduled Fees for this year?
    The Scheduled Fees for the current season can be found on the Rules & Forms page under Club Affiliation.
  • What is the penalty for non-payment of Scheduled Fees (call fees) by the due date?
    A Member Club failing to pay a scheduled fee, fine or other payment for which the Member Club is liable by the due date as determined by The League may be deemed unfinancial and any or all teams of such Member Club may be suspended by The League until the monies owed are paid. For further information please refer to the Rules and Regulations.
  • Why does the League insist on the first Scheduled Fee (call fee) being paid upfront for a new team?
    Because the League is unable to properly plan for the season or complete the fixtures based on optimism of getting new teams up and running. Committing money up-front gives the League some confidence that the nomination is a serious one.
  • What is a Certificate of Merit and how is it awarded?
    The Adelaide Footy League awards Certificates of Merit to volunteers who have served within Member Clubs of The League and/or volunteered for the promotion and/or benefit of The League. Volunteers must meet the criteria specified in the Rules and Regulations to be nominated and all nominations must be made on the Certificate of Merit Application Form and submitted to The League by 1st February each year. The criteria and the application form can be found below. .
  • Does the League provide certificates for our players’ milestone games?
    The Adelaide Footy League awards certificates to players at Member Clubs who reach Player Life Membership, which is 150, 300, 400+ Senior matches in the Adelaide Footy League. Certificates are not awarded for any other milestone, however the names of players who reach 300 games in the Adelaide Footy League are displayed on an Honour Board at the League offices. Please contact the Adelaide Footy League to obtain Player Life Membership Certificates –
  • How do I nominate someone for Life Membership?
    As per the Adelaide Footy League Rules & Regulations and Constitution: · A Member Club may present to the Executive Committee of The League or The League may present to the General Committee a nomination for a person they regard has rendered conspicuous and/or distinguished service to The League to be elected a Life Member of The League. · The nomination of a person for Life Membership of The League by a Member Club shall be in writing and signed by the proposer and seconder, and shall be lodged with the Chief Executive Officer of The League. · The General Committee shall ratify a Life Member nomination by a two-thirds majority of Member Clubs. · The nominated person shall have given a minimum of fifteen (15) years significant contribution to The League and shall not have been a paid employee in any aspects of The League in such person’s fifteen (15) years. ​ The Life Membership Nomination Form must be completed in full and forwarded to the Chief Executive Officer of the League.
  • How do I express an interest in umpiring with the Adelaide Footy League?
    Contact Umpire Manager, Colin Rowston on 0434 547 904 or email
  • What are the uniform requirements for an umpire?
    Field and boundary umpires are expected to purchase an on-field set of shorts, shirt, wristbands and socks with the set of cards. Acme Thunderer whistles are the only acceptable whistles to be used. Field and boundary umpires are also expected to purchase a polo shirt and jacket to wear to and from games. Goal umpires need to purchase a shirt, rain-proof jacket, trousers and cap to wear on-field and a polo shirt to wear to and from games (if cold, goal umpires can wear their rain-proof jacket to and from games). There are flags available to purchase if goal umpires do not have them. To try on sizes and order, an umpire can visit the Sports Centre at 745 Port Rd Hindmarsh. To see what is available, visit the Sport Centre website here.
  • What is the process for making a complaint about an umpire's performance?
    Contact Umpiring Manager Colin Rowston via email or phone 0434 547 904. Make sure the complaint contains legitimate concerns about an umpire who goes against what is expected of them (expectations can be found in the Umpires Manual or in the Umpiring Interpretations Video).
  • When do clubs have to supply umpires and what is the minimum age they have to be?
    · A Member Club shall supply a field, boundary and/or goal umpire(s) when directed by The League · Member Club appointed umpires shall have the same power as if appointed by The League and abide by the same Rules and Regulations. · Field umpires supplied by a Member Club shall remain in their club’s back half of the playing field for the duration of all matches. · All field umpires must be a minimum of sixteen (16) years of age. · All boundary and goal umpires must be a minimum of fourteen (14) years of age. · If a Member Club fails to provide a field umpire it will be liable to a fine not exceeding $500 To view which divisions require club and/or League umpires to be appointed, visit our website here.
  • How do umpires get paid?
    All League appointed umpires in all Divisions are now paid by EFT on a weekly basis (on the Friday following the match).
  • What certifications and minimum ages are required for club officials, e.g. coaches, sports trainers and water carriers?
    The appointed Coach of each team of all Member Clubs shall attain a minimum level of Coaching Accreditation as determined by The League prior to coaching a match of The League. An appointed trainer of any team must have a current Senior First Aid, CPR Certificate and Level 1 Sports Trainers accreditation at the commencement of the current season. Drink carriers shall be a minimum age of 12 years. Match Day Official shall be a minimum age of 18 years. A Runner shall be minimum age of 16.
  • 3rd Man Up – A 3rd man is able to go up at a ruck contest if the ruckman on his team is looking and still competing for the ball. Is the 3rd man up able to jump up both the ruckman (knee on their back) or are they not allowed to contact the ruckman?
    The 3rd man up is allowed to contest the ruck just like the other ruckman is. That is, he needs to be realistically going for the ball at all times.
  • Ruck Contest – If the opposing ruckman steps across the line of where the ball is thrown up, I will receive a free kick if I have attempted to tap the ball but haven’t been able to?
    That is correct.
  • Incorrect Disposal – Is there such a rule? For me it is either holding the ball due to having prior opportunity and not disposing of the ball correctly, or it is play on.
    Not disposing of the ball correctly is incorrect disposal - i.e. throwing or dropping the ball. It's all a part of the complicated holding the ball rule.
  • Deliberate - Deliberate out of bounds will not be paid if the kick/handball has gone forward towards the goals you are kicking towards?
    That's the instruction. DOOB can be paid if it's straight at the line with no doubt about what they are doing. The moment it makes ground for the team, it shouldn't be paid.
  • Yellow/Red Card
    Yellow card is 10 minutes off and can be replaced. (Interchange/timekeepers to time the 10 minutes, the 10 minutes is of playing time). Red card cannot be replaced for 10 minutes, and the player is off for as long as the umpire decides. Refer to Rule 52.3 for further information.
  • Rushed Behind - There is no rushed behind rule. Say thought I am kicking in, am called to play on but there is nothing to kick to. Can I just step back over the line and concede another behind or so I have to kick or handball it behind the line for another point?
    I wouldn't be instructing the team to do that. If the umpire deems it to be deliberately wasting time, a free kick can be paid. In general, if the ball is in play, the player is safe to concede a behind but if it is from a kick in, they should be bringing the ball back into play.
  • Ruck rushed behind – If we have a ball up on our defensive goal line, can our ruckman just thump it through the goal line on the full and give away a behind? I know that around the boundary line that would be a free kick, but just looking for clarification around the goal line.
    The field umpire should call all clear for a point in that situation.
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